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Plymouth most affordable city

Plymouth has been named the most affordable city for UK renters, with private tenants spending just 27 per cent of their pay packet on rented ... Full story

Damp flat posed health risk

Two rogue Kent landlords have been fined £20,000 after allowing tenants to reside in a flat so damp that it posed a health risk. Rattan Singh ... Full story

Smoking can damage your property health

Damage to property as a result of smoking is becoming a huge problem for landlords, with the tenant’s smoking status shown to have a huge ... Full story

Rents reach record high

Rents in England and Wales have reached record highs of £770 per month, an increase of 1.5 per cent year on year. Data from the most ... Full story

Landlords rated highly by tenants

Despite the bad reputation often thrust upon landlords, new research has found that they are actually rated far more highly amongst tenants than expected.   A poll ... Full story

UK Rented Housing Hotspots

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When to Evict

Here's a scenario which was put to me by a very nice, trusting landlady. The tenant was introduced to her as an acquaintance of an acquaintance. ... Full story

An investment to watch

British led company, Gateway Films was created in 2009 by Actor and Producer, Terry Stone. Terry has Produced some of the biggest British movie successes ... Full story

UK Rented Housing Hotspots

Analysis from Direct Line for Business has revealed that English landlords are earning in excess of £32 billion pounds per year, equating to around £2.7 ... Full story

The terrible tenant - a cautionary tale

I have heard about a lot of bad tenants, so why am I making a fuss about a particular tenant?  I think it was the ... Full story

My spending cost us our house

It started simply enough. I saw a pair of shoes I wanted. They were on offer, too. The shop clerk asked if I wanted to ... Full story

Beginner's guide to digital trading

Making Sense of Financial Markets Trading Financial markets trading is the simple process of purchasing and selling financial instruments with the aim of profiting from the ... Full story

Values for Success

Make this year your most successful with 6 values from wealth expert, John Lee of Wealth Dragons.   New York, New York -- Jan 14, 2014 / ... Full story

Five mistakes every new property investor should avoid

So, you are thinking about getting in to the buy-to-let property market after hearing so many positive things about it. You have saved some cash ... Full story

West Midlands announced as first landlord 'right to rent' check area

New legislation which will see landlords face fines if they rent homes to illegal immigrants without checking their ‘right to rent’ will be introduced first ... Full story

Universal Credit - Alternative Payment Arrangements

As Universal Credit slowly starts to roll out over the country, many landlords are feeling threatened by the direct payment of the rental element of ... Full story


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