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Landlord finds cannabis farm in loft

Upon entering his recently vacated rental property in Sittingbourne, landlord Peter Hudson was greeted by an unusual smell - the source of which was revealed ... Full story

London rental standard strengthens

115,000 rental properties in the capital are now signed up to the Mayor’s London Rental Standard.  Less than a year since its launch, the Rental Standard ... Full story

Tenant fined for housing benefit fraud

A 49 year old woman received over £27,000 in housing benefit after claiming to be a tenant in a property she partially owned.  Julie Billington, Runcorn, ... Full story

Landlords must act to prevent high rise fires

London Fire Brigade have urged landlords to act in response to the fact that nearly two fires are reported per day in London’s high rise ... Full story

UK buy to let investors reach 1.6 million

The number of buy to let investors in the UK has reached a staggering 1.6 million, following an increase of 120,000 in 2014 according to ... Full story

Landlord support dwindles for Labour

Despite the general population pitting Labour and the Conservatives neck and neck, with YouGov predicting 35 per cent of votes for Labour and 33 per ... Full story

New low for buy to let rental void periods

The average annual void period has fallen to its lowest level since 2002 in the first quarter of 2015.  The average length of time between rental ... Full story

Landlords kind to tenants

Landlords often receive bad press in terms of their relationship with tenants, although a recent survey has revealed that 30 per cent of tenants have ... Full story

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The Budget - 'A nightmare in the making'

So says Alan Ward, Chairman of the RLA. Strong words, written in response to the Governments' plans to out-law from tenancy agreements clauses prohibiting sub-letting and to form a ‘sharing economy’. Whilst I could understand the ethos of much of what the Government is trying to do, it is impossible to see what, if any, thought this has had, which makes it very difficult to provide any defence of the logic behind such a move. ... Full story

Selective Licensing Schemes - Government approval required

Since Selective Licensing was introduced in part three of the 2004 Housing Act, coming into force on 6th April 2004, landlords have viewed it with scepticism. Measures seemed extreme and hit the good landlord with the bad. That would not have mattered so much, had it not hit the pockets of landlords equally. These are expensive schemes and the fee, per property, could be difficult for the very small landlords making very little profit from their properties and feel very unfair to those whose tenants are not contributing to problems in areas designated for licensing. ... Full story

Universal Credit - starting near you soon

When we are children, it feels like Christmas never comes. Then when it arrives, we hope our joyful expectation is rewarded with presents, chocolates, good things. Well, it has felt very much like that with Universal Credit - it has been on the radar a very long time with very little happening, but sadly with no joyful expectation at the end! Landlords have dreaded it and hoped the delays may mean it would not be implemented - a vain hope. ... Full story

Buy to let rental market growing

The rental market in the UK has been strong for investors for some time now, with the sector providing them with a perennially high level of demand and steady yields that can be relied upon. However, according to the latest statistics, things could be about to get even better for those putting their money into the buy-to-let market, with the volume of people who are now opting to buy their own home falling. This, of course, means a greater number of new households in particular renting instead, which helps improve conditions for landlords. ... Full story

Buy to let - invest in the best

There are five key rules to securing the perfect buy to let investment, including the consideration of location, market, and exit strategy. Primarily, the area in which the investment property is situated is a crucial element to its success. Prime postcodes and popular addresses vastly increase property values, as do important features for tenants such as local amenities like shopping and entertainment facilities. Transport links and local schools are also important considerations. The experts from letting agent Belvoir look at the best strategies. ... Full story

Yet another Citizens Advice campaign

Is there no end to the damage that the Citizen's Advice Bureau will do to the private sector, despite the valuable work it does in housing in the region of 9 million tenants who otherwise may be homeless, living in temporary accommodation or forced to live in over-crowded family homes. Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide considers their latest report. ... Full story

Pay off debt or buy to let

House prices are expected to rise to record levels in the coming year, exceeding their 2007 peak. Experts have suggested that the average cost of a home will reach £233,000 in 2014, which is 0.7 per cent higher than before the credit crunch. This puts potential investors in an optimum position, with mounting equity and the various opportunities offered by low mortgage interest rates.In the current financial state, there are two viable options. ... Full story

Retaliatory evictions and the Deregulation Bill

Rejoicings that Sarah Teather's Private Members Bill had failed on the second reading in December 2014 were short-lived. Despite insufficient numbers being present in the House for the bill to succeed, there was sufficient support for it to become incorporated in the Deregulation bill. It seems a contradiction in terms that a bill which purports to reduce regulation will actually increase the legislation that governs how a landlord runs his business. ... Full story

2015 - the future of wine investment

A lot has happened in the wine investment market over the last ten years, and the scene has changed drastically. The hegemony of Bordeaux has seen its end, the portfolios of successful investors nowadays are diversified with wines coming from various countries. So what is the future of wine investment? Is Bordeaux having a come back or will diversification increase, bringing more countries to the scene? ... Full story

A sympathetic landlord

The press are very clear that landlords are the stuff of fairy tales - generally the not very nice ones, the ogres, the trolls! We read about ‘beds in sheds’ in some of the London Boroughs with appalling standards. For the great British public, this will colour how they view all private sector accommodation. This is so far from the truth to be laughable, as was demonstrated by a landlord I spoke to recently. So says Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide. ... Full story

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