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Ombudsman backs majority of complaints

Within a three month period, the Property Ombudsman has supported 69 per cent of consumer complaints lodged against letting agents. The largest of three government-approved redress ... Full story

New tenancies up 2.5 per cent

New data from HomeLet has revealed that rents on new tenancies have risen 2.5 per cent during the first month of the year. The HomeLet Rental ... Full story

House price optimism moderates

The latest house price sentiment index has revealed that despite the majority of UK households perceiving that the value of their homes rose in February, ... Full story

Home ownership levels fall

England’s home ownership levels have fallen to their lowest point in 29 years, with the English Housing Survey revealing that a mere 63 per cent ... Full story

Scottish rents trail England and Wales

Scottish property rents have increased by just 5.3 per cent since the last Holyrood election, approximately half that of England and Wales. Letting agent network Your ... Full story

Rents still continue to rise

One in four UK letting agents have noted a rise in private sector rents at the beginning of 2015, with London experiencing the highest demand ... Full story

Liverpool introduce landlord licensing

A new compulsory licensing scheme has been introduced in Liverpool, with landlords now facing prosecution or a fine if they fail to sign up by ... Full story

Landlords should apply for green deal soon

Landlords have been warned to undertake necessary home improvements now, before tax perks to help them meet new energy efficiency targets are abolished.  From April 2018 ... Full story

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Pay off debt or buy to let

House prices are expected to rise to record levels in the coming year, exceeding their 2007 peak. Experts have suggested that the average cost of a home will reach £233,000 in 2014, which is 0.7 per cent higher than before the credit crunch. This puts potential investors in an optimum position, with mounting equity and the various opportunities offered by low mortgage interest rates.In the current financial state, there are two viable options. ... Full story

Retaliatory evictions and the Deregulation Bill

Rejoicings that Sarah Teather's Private Members Bill had failed on the second reading in December 2014 were short-lived. Despite insufficient numbers being present in the House for the bill to succeed, there was sufficient support for it to become incorporated in the Deregulation bill. It seems a contradiction in terms that a bill which purports to reduce regulation will actually increase the legislation that governs how a landlord runs his business. ... Full story

2015 - the future of wine investment

A lot has happened in the wine investment market over the last ten years, and the scene has changed drastically. The hegemony of Bordeaux has seen its end, the portfolios of successful investors nowadays are diversified with wines coming from various countries. So what is the future of wine investment? Is Bordeaux having a come back or will diversification increase, bringing more countries to the scene? ... Full story

A sympathetic landlord

The press are very clear that landlords are the stuff of fairy tales - generally the not very nice ones, the ogres, the trolls! We read about ‘beds in sheds’ in some of the London Boroughs with appalling standards. For the great British public, this will colour how they view all private sector accommodation. This is so far from the truth to be laughable, as was demonstrated by a landlord I spoke to recently. So says Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide. ... Full story

Parental guidance pays dividends

Do you ever think about the careers advice your parents gave you and wish you had listened more attentively? Well, John Davidson can cast his mind back with some satisfaction. His father advised him to learn a trade that would provide the basis for a lifelong career, and John followed that counsel to the letter. ... Full story

Rent arrears - the alternatives

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced in November that where landlords ask for the rent to be paid directly to them because of 8 weeks/2 months rent arrears, they would deduct 20% of the tenant's universal credit to repay the rent arrears. This seemed like good news for landlords, but many of them have expressed concerns according to Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide. ... Full story

January - an expensive month

January is often considered the most expensive month of the year for many landlords; bad weather conditions can cause roof and ariel problems, burst pipes, and even slug ingress, which all in turn may cause stress to tenants. This therefore causes problems for the landlord. ... Full story

Make your tenants happy

Question: what do all tenants want? Answer: a warm property and low heating bills. And you can give them both in one fell swoop - without, crucially, dipping into your pocket. How so? Well, it is not just you who is worried about your draughty property. The government is desperately worried too. ... Full story

Retaliatory evictions

On this subject, it seems one step forward, one step back. The Sarah Teather private members bill failed due to lack of support in the ... Full story

Inventory signing out check list

The tenancy is coming to an end. A check-out inspection is arranged with the tenant - the landlord and tenant need to go through the inventory taken at the start of the tenancy together, taking a blank one to complete as a contrast to the first. How thorough does the inspection need to be? According to Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide, Very! ... Full story

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