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Landlord series gets second run

Television series ‘Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords’ has been commissioned for a second run, after Channel Five bosses felt that the first series merely ‘scratched the ... Full story

Landlord must pay £3,000 for health hazards

A rogue landlord has been forced to pay nearly £3,000 after letting a property with a near collapsing ceiling and other issues.  Arif Hussain was fined ... Full story

Landlord licensing legal challenge

A court date has been selected for the legal challenging of Croydon’s landlord licensing scheme.  Croydon Property Forum, a group consisting of landlords, letting agents and ... Full story

Landlord jailed for sexually assaulting tenant

A `London landlord has been jailed after sexually assaulting his female tenant.  40 year old Ciro Pipolo advertised the tenancy of his spare room on the ... Full story

City property prices continue to rise

House prices in the 20 largest UK cities have risen by 6.4 per cent in the first half of 2015, according the the 'Hometrack UK ... Full story

Landlords to raise rent due to budget

Over half of the UK’s private landlords intend to increase rents in response to measures introduced in the Chancellor’s budget.  Research carried out by Rentify revealed ... Full story

Young adults to mainly rent by 2025

By 2025 it is expected that over half of adults under 40 will be privately renting their home.  Predictions from accountancy firm PWC have stated that ... Full story

Bank of England to gain buy to let powers

In a bid to curb a potential housing bubble, George Osborne is considering offering the Bank of England powers to limit lending to landlords.  The bank ... Full story

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The Post-Election Budget

George Osborne’s recent budget seems to be a budget of bad news, for many sectors of society, though may offer some small hope to the aspiring home-owner. Private landlords may have been hit with a double ‘whammy’ in the changes that affect them, but also in the implications of the benefit ‘cap’ for the tenants who live in their properties. Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide, gives her verdict. ... Full story

Private Members Bill to solve rogue landlords

I have spoken before about my frustration that the measures taken to supposedly tackle the bad landlord seem to always lead to some form of landlord licensing. This is unfair, as the vast majority of excellent landlords are put to the expense of obtaining a license whilst knowing that many of the worst will escape, simply on the basis that no-one actually knows whether properties are privately rented. ... Full story

Buy to let - Size matters

When it comes to property, size matters. A survey from the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba) shows that size is the most common problem people have in relation to their property. 75% of respondents consider a lack of space a ‘key issue’ while 69% say they do not have enough room for their belongings. For many renters and buyers, space comes with a premium price tag which is unobtainable. The UK’s ‘smallest house’, which is only 188sq.ft, sold for £270,000 last year. The north London property is a fifth of the size of the average new build home. It would seem that when it comes to the UK property market, size comes with a hefty price tag. ... Full story

Buy to let - Past and future

Buy to let really came into being when the 1988 Housing Act first introduced Assured Shorthold Tenancies with limted security of tenure, giving landlords improved repossession rights. However the sector really took off in 1997 following adjustments in the Housing Act 1996 and specialist buy to let finance becoming available to open the market to a far wider audience. So now it has come of age, how has this popular asset class performed? ... Full story

Landlord responsibilities beyond the boundary

All landlords are aware that if their tenanted properties fall into disrepair, they are liable for any injuries their tenants sustain due to the disrepair of a private rented property. This will also apply to areas within the curtilage of the property - that is, the garden or yard area. Most would feel this defined the limit of their responsibilities. But how many landlords know that they should also be looking for disrepair in any areas which provide access to the property? Not many would be my guess. However, a ruling in Edwards v Kumarasamy (2015) has changed that. ... Full story

Five out of six rentals meet safety standard

The headline in ‘Inside Housing’ was actually ‘One in six private rented homes unsafe’ which makes the situation appear far blacker. This data was extrapolated from the English Housing Survey conducted by Citizens Advice and the New Policy Institute, which found that of 740,000 private rented properties, 16%, had a category 1 hazard, as defined under the HHSRS, which posed a ‘severe threat to health or safety’. Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide, considers the findings. ... Full story

Right to buy extension to boost rental sector

Right to Buy, introduced by Mrs. Thatcher’s Government in 1979, formalised what up until then, had been an option offered by local authorities. Councils could choose not to sell their properties, particularly in areas of high demand and little availability. That changed with the Right to Buy. Tenants could enjoy the benefits of home ownership with massive discounts on the price. Over the years, huge numbers of council properties have been sold, waiting lists have grown and the private rental sector has had to be relied upon to meet the shortfalls that have arisen. ... Full story

Universal Credit - the story so far

Universal Credit pilot schemes in the North-West have now been in operation for some time with a view to implementing the scheme nationwide by 2017. It has not been a smooth ride. Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide, works in the areas where the pilot schemes have been running. She reviews the saga so far. ... Full story

A necessary repair

Repair issues are not always straight forward; nor is allocation of responsibility between landlord and tenant. Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide had an interesting case that illustrates this perfectly. ... Full story

A taxing time for buy to let investors

With the Conservative party now secure in Government for another five years, there has never been a better time to get your tax affairs in order. The Conservatives ruled out rises in corporation tax, VAT, National Insurance and Income Tax but, with the mandate given to them by the British public to plug the national deficit, there is a concern that other taxes could be targeted including those in real estate such as stamp duty land tax. ... Full story

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