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Natwest tightens income calculation

Natwest has increased the rate on its buy to let income calculation in order to retain consistency with the rest of its distribution channel.  In what ... Full story

Rents rise as yields hold steady

Rents across England and Wales are up 4.6 per cent in comparison to April last year.  Representing the fastest annual rise since November 2010, the figures ... Full story

Landlords must fit smoke alarms

A new obligation for landlords to install smoke alarms in their properties has been issued.  Allan Sumner, head of Commercial Property at Napthens solicitors warned landlords ... Full story

Landlord fined for no heating

Failure to adequately heat her rental property has led to landlord Jane Cleverly receiving a fine of over £1,300.  The rogue landlord pleaded guilty to failing ... Full story

Scottish property booms

Scottish house prices have risen 11.2 per cent in the last year, double that of England and Wales who saw just a 5.6 per cent ... Full story

Landlord prosecuted for benefit fraud

Landlord Zia Karem exploited over £21,000 in benefits which he was not entitled to after moving in with his tenant.  The Hanley landlord had been receiving ... Full story

Rent arrears rise

The number of tenants significantly behind on rent has risen significantly, with 70,900 now facing more than two months of unpaid rent.  This figure, recorded on ... Full story

Floating a letting opportunity

A large blue houseboat floating down the Thames was a conspicuous sign on a Monday morning, and rightly so.  Weighing 70 tonnes and taking four months ... Full story

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Post election - A win for landlords

‘The party's over, it's time to call it a day...’ goes the old song and that certainly seems to be the case for the Liberal Democrats, UKIP and Scottish Labour. For supporters of those parties, my sympathies, but for the private rented sector, the result was perhaps as good as could be hoped for. Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide looks back at the election results and what it means for landlords. ... Full story

Property management is now easy

Victoria Whitlock, AKA 'The Accidental Landlord' explores the pros and cons of managing a property yourself vs using an agent. She considers a third way: Can easyProperty’s new Property Management service at 3.6% give landlords peace of mind as well as quality service? ... Full story

New section 8 and section 21 notices

‘If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ is a frequently used expression when there seems a degree of unnecessary interference and changes - and that is what we have got from the 2015 Deregulation Bill. Landlords are well aware of the need to follow correct procedures, many of them attending awareness raising and training sessions so that their actions comply fully with the law. All that knowledge will now need additions, if landlords are not to fall foul of the legislation. ... Full story

Buy to let legislation - the story so far

Whether you are looking forward to the forthcoming General Election with joyful anticipation or sick dread at the changes that could be effected such a short time from now, what is certain is that it has focused the legislature on tidying up some issues in the private sector before the big day. Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide looks back at the changes so far. ... Full story

A knotty problem for residential landlords

The spread of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive non-native species (INNS) has been subject to control for some time. The Infrastructure Act 2015 became law on 12 February 2015 and amends section 14 of the Wildlife Act 1981 to introduce new powers which can compel landowners to take action on INNS including Japanese Knotweed. So writes Helen Wheddon, Partner, Stevens & Bolton LLP. ... Full story

Reassuringly inexpensive - Low-cost doesn’t have to mean low quality

'Reassuringly expensive'. So goes the strapline for Stella Artois, and maybe sometimes that’s true. But as time goes on, the trend we’re seeing is that low-cost doesn’t have to mean low-quality at all. Just 20 years ago, for example, if you’d told me that you could fly me to Cologne for £30 I would have had some pretty severe reservations about the quality of that flight (and the likelihood of arriving in one piece). Now though? I wouldn’t think twice. ... Full story

Buy to let rents continue to rise

For investors in the rental market in the UK, one of the country's hottest asset classes, the delicate balance between spending big in London for large returns and spending a little less in the regions for a higher yield over a longer period has always presented a big decision. However, according to new reports, the rental gap between London and the regions is now starting to close, making for good news for those already investing in the strong regions. ... Full story

Buy to let investment - Is it right for you?

The demand for rental properties across the UK has soared over the past 12 months, outstripping supply in all parts of the country. Whilst the number of tenants has risen dramatically - by 20% at the end of last year - the number of homes available to rent during the same period had dropped around 17%. ... Full story

The Budget - 'A nightmare in the making'

So says Alan Ward, Chairman of the RLA. Strong words, written in response to the Governments' plans to out-law from tenancy agreements clauses prohibiting sub-letting and to form a ‘sharing economy’. Whilst I could understand the ethos of much of what the Government is trying to do, it is impossible to see what, if any, thought this has had, which makes it very difficult to provide any defence of the logic behind such a move. ... Full story

Selective Licensing Schemes - Government approval required

Since Selective Licensing was introduced in part three of the 2004 Housing Act, coming into force on 6th April 2004, landlords have viewed it with scepticism. Measures seemed extreme and hit the good landlord with the bad. That would not have mattered so much, had it not hit the pockets of landlords equally. These are expensive schemes and the fee, per property, could be difficult for the very small landlords making very little profit from their properties and feel very unfair to those whose tenants are not contributing to problems in areas designated for licensing. ... Full story

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