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London rental market to strenthen

A strong rental market is expected across London’s Midtown, City and Docklands in the coming year, as sales begin to decline. The latest report from property ... Full story

Landlord fined for gutting tenanted property

A rogue London landlord has been forced to pay over £6,000 in fines and costs due to allowing the removal of fixtures, fittings and essential ... Full story

Strong growth forecast for prime London property

Demand for prime rental property in London is expected to grow by 17 per cent over the next five years, providing a mansion tax isn’t ... Full story

Building Society challenged over tracker rate

West Bromwich Building Society has been accused of illegally ripping off landlords with tracker mortgages by increasing their rates by two per cent. Tracker mortgages should ... Full story

Unsafe property costs landlord £4,200

An Oldham landlord has been forced to pay over £4,200 after failing to ensure that his rental properties were safe for tenant habitation. Numerous complaints were ... Full story

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January - an expensive month

January is often considered the most expensive month of the year for many landlords; bad weather conditions can cause roof and ariel problems, burst pipes, and even slug ingress, which all in turn may cause stress to tenants. This therefore causes problems for the landlord. ... Full story

Make your tenants happy

Question: what do all tenants want? Answer: a warm property and low heating bills. And you can give them both in one fell swoop - without, crucially, dipping into your pocket. How so? Well, it is not just you who is worried about your draughty property. The government is desperately worried too. ... Full story

Retaliatory evictions

On this subject, it seems one step forward, one step back. The Sarah Teather private members bill failed due to lack of support in the ... Full story

Inventory signing out check list

The tenancy is coming to an end. A check-out inspection is arranged with the tenant - the landlord and tenant need to go through the inventory taken at the start of the tenancy together, taking a blank one to complete as a contrast to the first. How thorough does the inspection need to be? According to Sharon Betton, landlord advisor with the Bolton Bond Board and author of The Landlord Good Management and Practice Guide, Very! ... Full story

Landlord contingency funds

Most landlords want their businesses to run smoothly and will be aware of the need for some form of contingency funding. This is a vital safeguard against the emergencies which sometimes occur - a landlord cannot say 'I can’t afford it'. ... Full story

When to Evict

Here's a scenario which was put to me by a very nice, trusting landlady. The tenant was introduced to her as an acquaintance of an acquaintance. He had nowhere to go; had made no preparations for taking a private rented property, so had no deposit; nor could he provide references from a previous landlord or a Guarantor. All reasons for me to feel that the landlady should have put kindness to one side and allowed logic and business sense to come in, but as already said, she was a nice lady. ... Full story

An investment to watch

British led company, Gateway Films was created in 2009 by Actor and Producer, Terry Stone. Terry has Produced some of the biggest British movie successes to hit our screens in the last decade. Movies such as: Rise of the Foot Soldier, Anuvahood, Shank, Saving Santa, Plastic and Bonded by Blood are just a small selection that have won worldwide acclaim. ... Full story

UK Rented Housing Hotspots

Analysis from Direct Line for Business has revealed that English landlords are earning in excess of £32 billion pounds per year, equating to around £2.7 billion per month, showing the true extent of the rental market boom. ... Full story

The terrible tenant - a cautionary tale

I have heard about a lot of bad tenants, so why am I making a fuss about a particular tenant? I think it was the speed with which a pleasant, dream of a tenant turned into a nightmare. On Friday, 3rd October, a landlord thought he had found an ideal tenant. She had paid a months’ rent as deposit, a months’ rent in advance and had a Guarantor. Both tenant and Guarantor passed the credit checks, so all seemed set for a settled and pleasant tenancy. ... Full story

Values for Success

Make this year your most successful with 6 values from wealth expert, John Lee of Wealth Dragons. New York, New York -- Jan 14, 2014 / ( -- When it comes to reaching goals, there are six essential steps to be taken in order to obtain them. Building the financial security you want requires effort, dedication, ... Full story

Five mistakes every new property investor should avoid

So, you are thinking about getting in to the buy-to-let property market after hearing so many positive things about it. You have saved some cash for your first down payment; you have looked around on sites like, and even taken one of those one-day seminars explaining how to become a millionaire with property. You are convinced that you are ready to go. ... Full story

West Midlands announced as first landlord 'right to rent' check area

New legislation which will see landlords face fines if they rent homes to illegal immigrants without checking their ‘right to rent’ will be introduced first in areas of the West Midlands. Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire today announced the new measures in the Immigration Act would be launched in Birmingham, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton, as part of a phased introduction across the country. ... Full story

Universal Credit - Alternative Payment Arrangements

As Universal Credit slowly starts to roll out over the country, many landlords are feeling threatened by the direct payment of the rental element of universal credit to the tenant. This is understandable, particularly when social landlords (housing associations) are finding that their arrears levels have risen considerably since the benefit has gone to the tenants. ... Full story

Student check-outs

Summer is in full swing and the weather has been good, but for those landlords who predominantly let to students, it has often been a difficult time as they recovered possession of what are often filthy properties. The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) report that properties have been vacated without notice, giving no opportunity to discuss with the tenant(s) and without a check-out inspection. ... Full story

Compulsory redress scheme for agents

Since the Julie Rugg report into the private rented sector, published in 2008, there have been calls for further regulation in the sector. A step on the road to this is the compulsory joining of a redress scheme for letting agents, due to come into force from October 2014; though the complaints about agents from landlords are as frequent as complaints by tenants, whether this will be equally in favour of both sides is yet to be seen. ... Full story

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