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Landlords rated highly by tenants

Despite the bad reputation often thrust upon landlords, new research has found that they are actually rated far more highly amongst tenants than expected.   A poll ... Full story

Rogue landlord receives paltry fine

A rogue landlord has been fined a mere £750, despite letting flats which did not have any heating or fire safety precautions. The properties were ... Full story

Barclay's 'Great Escape' offered to landlords

Barclay’s Great Escape packages have been extended to the buy-to-let sector, allowing landlords to convert to a better rate with no excess charge.   Previously available only ... Full story

10 per cent more homes on the market

The amount of new homes in England has risen by 10 per cent from 2012 to 2013, with a total of 136,620 new properties on ... Full story

'Right to rent' to be revisited

The home secretary Theresa May is looking at revisiting the ‘Right to Rent’ pilot scheme after meeting with FCC Paragon, a service provider to the ... Full story

Condensation and mould

Condensation and mould can become a contentious issue during winter months, as their effects are intensified in the damp weather, causing issues between landlords and ... Full story

Tenancy deposits on the rise

Rental deposits are increasing, with the average for a home tenancy up 11 per cent over the last year as rental prices rise and buy ... Full story

Buy to let finance denied

31 per cent of landlords are aiming to remortgage or seek additional buy to let financing over the next three months, yet many will not ... Full story

London landlord receives record fine

A London landlord has been hit with fines and costs totalling £280k from renting illegal housing after ignoring council orders to stop renting his outbuilding ... Full story

Landlord assets to exceed £1 trillion in 2015

It has been predicted that landlord assets will exceed £1trillion by mid 2015, after already expanding by £302billion since 2009. Kent Reliance, a mortgage provider, found ... Full story

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